Heavy Engineering Needs You !!

The Girls do Coffee presenters were pleased to talk to their guest Ken Irving last Thursday about the worlds of engineering, money, travel and retirement. Yes they were subjects all interlinked during a fun couple of hours live on air, studded with pertinent information.

Heavy Engineering Needs You!!

As well as being a financial consultant Ken discussed the hosting of a project for engineers who have a wealth of knowledge still to use before retirement takes hold.

Perhaps this is of interest for you who are either about to retire or are retired, being trained in heavy engineering, and who would like to enjoy a couple of days a week working in Bangalore for a period of time. Engineers coming from the UK, Canada, USA and Australia have to date all shown interest. Ken talked about how the project is going to offer something quite unique. How does this sound? Goa is only a 50 minute flight away, Bangkok 30 minutes and with the retirement ages being raised in relation to our life expectancy there remains loads of time to impart your knowledge and share it with a country that needs you.



Being in its embyonic stage, as Ken put it, he wants to hear from men and women with their thoughts and requirements regarding, dare we say, in an almost high kicks ‘Marigold hotel flavour’, for awhile before the garden shed beckons. It sounded very inviting, to hear about the sun, sea and travel; something many people still want to  experience later in life.

It seems recruiters are finding it more and more difficult to fill technical roles with experienced people and are increasingly looking at retireess. There is still a market for those of you with skills and enthusiasm to bring it to the market and of course the next generation.

The writer Deborah Alexander, photographer Liz Garnett and artist Gwen Jenner as well as our loyal worldwide listeners were also enlightened to the tax morays of various countries, how big money is handled inbetween the funny personal stories about taking part in last year’s The Old Banger car rally with his trusty Austin Maestro, in fitting ‘rattan beige’, life in France with the elderly neighbour offering top notch plonk and of course dealing with all manner of financial institutions and complex regulations.


Who knows what awaits and pressing the SEND button can make something wonderful arrive in your INBOX. You can write to Ken about the Bangalore project at Ken.Irving@mail.com.


Twitter @ReflectiveDeb, @travelphotouk, @gwenjenner




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