Indulgent Surf ‘n Turf


It’s not often we can combine the pleasures of the sea with the grit of the soil however today we were lucky to have the specialists on the Girls do Coffee airwaves for

Our first guest was Servanne Sohier who is Editorial Director at Yacht/Art News, UHNWI as well as Family Office. These magazines cover large scale investment and art collections and Servanne had a host of stories to tell about the Super Yacht world and those who invest and work in it.

Formerly attached to a press agency now vessels longer than 24m with the the largest covering 222m have become the business and mode of transport for her current clients. The various yachting seasons in the Med and Caribbean regularly call on Servanne to apply either her photographic eye or editorial skills. Concierge financial service advice, contemporary art collections and the latest sleek yacht designs form part of the heady shoreline existence for the ultra rich and crews who run the exotic ships.

girls2For the latter part of the show we were pleased to have Land Rover specialist Nigel Withers with us. Currently the owner of one from the first produced batch of 50 Land Rovers in 1948, number 17 to be precise, led to a host of questions by the Girls do Coffee team. Could they be used on the Chemin Verts for some off-road manoeuvres or were many old models being dismantled for original spare parts. He mentioned the indian company Tata was investing in better Land Rover products to meet the market requirements; it really is an iconic set of wheels.

Pgirls3eople watching was something that happened on both the marinas as well as dirt tracks as our guests recalled. On water the ship owners would eat on another deck to avoid prying eyes and you could spot the 4×4 enthusiasts a mile off with their matching knits and LR tattoos said Nigel. He is one of the few Land Rover specialists in France and can be seen at various shows and gatherings in Europe ranging between Aachen, Nantes, UK Goodwood Show and next weekend you can meet him at in Northamptonshire.

For more information about yachts, art and finances contact Servanne at

For Land Rover information you can write to Nigel  at 

Gwen Jenner –

Instagram: @gwen_jenner

Twitter: @gwenjenner


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