Getting Cosi on a Tandem

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This week the Girls do Coffee team were joined by two jet setting guests: Andrew Bowie, author of Peloton of Two and the celebrity chef, Reza Mahammad.

Deborah, Gwen, Liz and Dave were pleased to welcome Andrew Bowie to their show after his return from Brisbane, Australia where he had been scouting scenes for his forthcoming book, Crossing Live. The book is set in the 1990s and although it seems like yesterday Andrew and the girls reflected on how different things were back then: no internet, no mobiles except for a few businessmen and media types. It was a very different world and Crossing Live looks set to be another success for Andrew and an opportunity for readers to be transported back in time to 1990s Brisbane.

Andrew’s first book, Peloton of Two brought the discussion to Andrew’s skill at writing from a woman’s point of view and Gwen wanted to know who he had been talking to in order to gain the female perspective. Part of getting his mindset into the character of Catherine Pringle had been to write the book as a diary. With Deborah’s keen interest in diaries, Andrew was asked about his own diary and, although he doesn’t keep one as such, he does keep notes on his travels which covers the routes they have followed and the interesting people and experiences that have come their way.

Andrew and his wife don’t travel on a tandem as they prefer the autonomy of a bicycle, however, he chose a tandem for his characters as it would force the them to work closely together. They both enjoy cycling trips around France as the slow pace allows them to enjoy the journey and see the countryside. They prefer to camp in France as it gives them the opportunity to feel connected to nature and the local region. As well as travelling with him on research trips, Andrew’s wife also helps him with reading through the 20 plus proofs before the books are published.

reza 2Just back from South Africa, Reza was skyped into the studio from the UK.  He was catching his breath before heading over to the Poitou-Charentes region of France to help organize the production of Cosi Fan Tutte at Chez Cartier. This comic opera  is about an old man who is determined to overturn the perfect worlds of two young men. He bets then that their fiancées will not be able to stay faithful to them. Normally a three hour performance, this adaptation has been condensed into two hours with an hour long interval for a picnic in between the two acts.

There is still a huge amount of pre-production work to be done including finalizing the menus and Reza is also busy learning the lines for his role as the narrator. He is very keen to bring the opera out of the city into the regions and has brought together an amazing team of people to get this opera off the ground. This unique adaptation has been scripted especially for Reza to narrate and has six soloists supported by a ten-piece orchestra under the guidance of illustrious director John Ramster and conductor Orlando Jopling.

Andrew Bowie’s book Peloton of Two is available from Amazon and further updates on Crossing Live can be found on Andrew’s website.

Cosi Fan Tutte will be performed at Chez Cartier (1360 Condeon) on 4, 5, and 6 August and tickets are available from Living Magazine.

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