Hannah Seidl on the Beauty of Life

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One look at the hashtag on Hannah Seidl’s Twitter account says it all…#lovemyjob…and our chat with Hannah on Girls Do Coffee Ex-Pat Radio certainly confirmed that enthusiasm. When you see where Hannah works maybe it shouldn’t be that surprising that she loves her job so much.

Based in the Louvre in Paris, Hannah works as a part of their events and public relations team and, as such, is involved in activities such as the opening nights of exhibitions, the distribution of invitations and the organization of press conferences relating to events at the Museum.

Hannah’s love for her work and her surroundings is apparent from her vivid descriptions of the Louvre which, as the museum website reminds us (www.louvre.fr), was ‘for almost seven hundred years (…) one of the principal residences of the kings and emperors of France’. Hannah talks fondly of the terraces and courtyards, the larger-than-life statues, the lacework depicted in stone, reflecting on ‘the history played out here’ and it is clear that her heart really is in her work at the Palace.

Previously to working at the Louvre, Hannah brought her bubbling enthusiasm and highly-tuned motivation to her role as events manager for WH Smith, welcoming high-ranking authors such as Jonathon Coe, Douglas Kennedy, David Lodge and Anita Shreve (described by Hannah as ‘eloquent and generous’) to a range of book-related events in Paris.

Maybe it was this love of books which spurred Hannah on to gaining yet another feather in her cap, working as online community manager for U.S. crime author Harlan Coben in France. (http://www.harlancoben.com)

Coben’s novels (Just One Look, Fool Me Once, No Second Chance) have sold in their millions and have proved equally popular in France, with TV and film adaptations appearing on the mainstream French TV channel TF1. Fellow-presenter on Girls Do Coffee, Liz Garnett confessed to finding the film version of ‘Tell No-One’ ‘totally gripping’.

Hannah talked of author Harlan Coben in warm terms, commenting on his ‘authenticity with his fans’ at the Brussels Book Fair as he insisted not only on signing what must have been hundreds of books but also in agreeing to participate in much-demanded selfies with fans.

Listening to Hannah relate her experiences of living and working in the French capital for 17 years, it is of no surprise when she announces that ‘my true love is Paris’. Her affection for Paris, for the Musée Louvre, for the people around her, undoubtedly stems from Hannah’s ability to truly appreciate the intrinsic value of every moment. In her own words, she feels that it is essential to ‘take advantage of the beauty of life’ and that is a lesson that we can all take on board, wherever we live.

Deborah Alexander – www.reflective-writing-group.org


Instagram: @alexander_deborah

Twitter: @ReflectiveDeb

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