Dress my Glory

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Gwen Jenner writes … Arriving at the salon, with my shapeless hairstyle insisting on a complete revamp, the busy girls enthusiastically welcome this owner of the now lack-lustre cut.

Haven’t we all sat in the comfy chair, twisting and wheeling it about in front of the mirror, craning our necks, whilst waiting for the hairdresser to attend to our dreams. Chez my local salon de coiffure it’s often a lottery as to how long the procedure will take. A walk-in establishment on the edge of town occasionally requires waiting; akin to an enforced meditation whilst watching the french social morays. This proves, more often than not, to be an informative experience. The variety of greetings, chit chat and self absorption give a peek into all manner of daily lives.

girls 2The mass of mirrors reflecting each customer along the infinite picture tunnels make you wonder …to whom … are you looking and smiling at. Briefly the memory of the fun fair’s hall of wiggly mirrors pops up where we’d giggle at our faces being stretched as big as a pumpkin and then squashed to the size of an ant’s head! In the salon might these glances confirm that all of us are either expectantly or masochistically being held here in the world of expert scissorhands?

Perhaps for some, and I know it to be so in this case, we’re awaiting a transformation from that rather uninspiring image before us into the magical pictures from the either accompanying magazines or red carpet beauties. Imagine if there was a band of stylists ready to mould yours truly into an elegant icon every morning or perhaps looking more civilized and functional at least. Surely those I meet would be happier to have their eyes tickled. Ha, what nonsense. The inside, our seemingly immeasurable characters are what matters even if our exteriors may reflect what’s happening internally. Still, I love the new hairdo created by the stylist, a middle eastern beauty. This hairdresser, with her long, coiled tresses framing an oval face that would grace a Syracusian mural from antiquity certainly made a customer happy.

girls 3It’s a million dollar feeling for a day or two. This’ll revamp the insides, keeping the crowning glory  shimmering temporarily atop high springing footsteps of delight.

As they say, beware a woman with a new hairstyle, ready to face life’s coal face, smile confidently and say yes to everything. Wonders will ensue and you’ll certainly hear them tuning into Thursday’s weekly  Girls do Coffee show on www.ex-patradio.com. Listen to Deborah Alexander, Liz Garnett and Gwen Jenner talk with Dave Hailwood and their guests to discover a multitude of stories amidst giggles and music.

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