Dangerous Data and its Speedy Wheels

A man of many talents, our guest this morning John Stevens, furnished the Girls do Coffee show’s 54k listeners with a myriad of tales. Covering subjects such as racing photography and the dangers of standing with your camera at either Le Mans’ or Bahrain’s Formula 1 circuit edge, meeting the famous race-track faces plus Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Jackie Chan to the ease with which online search engines follow us and how data can be accessed proved very interesting and informative.


During the morning show with Dave Hailwood on www.ex-patradio.com Deborah @ReflectiveDeb, Liz @travelphotouk and Gwen @gwenjenner listened to John recounting the ins and outs of a sports journalist’s life on the race tracks. Things happened that we wouldn’t have considered, i.e., using almost all the European Le Mans Series. Round 2, Monza May 2017. Photo: John D Stevens.clothes he was wearing to protect the professional recording equipment from a sudden hailstorm to wearing a fireproof suit when pressing the button for a pit stop picture surrounded by unstable high octane fuel.

Life in France was a peaceful retreat from the frenetic world of data protection and worldwide travelling. The family’s Vislas, Gite guests, diving holidays, a veritable must for John and his wife Helen as qualified diving instructors not to mention taking their light aircraft out for aerial jNo50 LARBRE COMPETITIONaunts around France’s wonderful terrain gave us a glimpse into the Good Life.

We were glad to have had a fun morning asking about the thrill-seeking lifestyle and for those interested in finding out more about the photographic updates, products and services do take a look at: Sportscarglobal for all motorsport pics – Twitter: @sportscarglobal; Instagram: @sportscarglobaleditorial; email: pics@sportscarglobal.com; web:  www.sportscarglobal.com. For work/commissions etc. email:contact@johndstevens.co.uk, Twitter: @C6JDS Instagram: @vantagepix.

Gwen Jenner – www.gwenjenner.com


Instagram: @gwen_jenner

Twitter: @gwenjenner

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