Charlotte Codrai

charlotte codrai

On Girls Do Coffee, it was a privilege to chat with Charlotte Codrai, who is not only an accomplished Clairvoyant but also a healer, numerologist, palmist and tarot card reader. Many listeners will have already heard Charlotte on Ex-Pat Radio on a Tuesday morning and will be familiar with her fascinating experiences and insights into the spiritual world.

Charlotte has always had the gift. Even as a small child she considered living with spirits as being perfectly normal. She was first taught palmistry by her mother who subsequently encouraged her in mediumship. She has continued to study and has recently gained the Spiritualists’ National Union’s PAS (platform accreditation scheme) for speaking and demonstrating. She is an active member of the Spiritualist Church.

Charlotte is based in London but, thanks to Skype, her clients can be both local and international. She talked about the professional code of practice she adheres to when advising clients and the strict guidelines there are when working on television.

Tarot cards are an essential part of Charlotte’s expertise. Charlotte explained how, for her, purchasing a new set of cards cannot be carried out over the internet…she insists on buying them in person so that she can hold them in her hands and feel their energy. She went on to say just how they hold energy and how she cleanses the cards between clients.

We were curious to hear how Charlotte approached passing on different messages…. after all, it cannot always be good news….and it’s clear that good judgement and compassion are necessary skills. She is able to give evidence of an afterlife and bring comfort to her clients. It is evident that Charlotte loves her work and finds it rewarding.

Maybe having experienced difficulties in her own life has brought all the more compassion and understanding to Charlotte’s work.

Charlotte joins Dave Hailwood on his morning show on Expat Radio every Tuesday. She will be at Kempton Park on the 27 and 28 May where she will be doing demonstrations of mediumship and readings. Further information about Charlotte can be found on her website:

Liz Garnett and Deborah Alexander –  –



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2 Responses to Charlotte Codrai

  1. gwenjenner says:

    Well done Liz for an explanatory and considerate post. Great for Charlotte, us and the listeners too. Gwen xx

    Gwendolyn Jenner 87800


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  2. Thank you Gwen. It was a collaboration between Deborah and myself.


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