The Sun Has Got His Hat On


The sun is shining and the birds are providing a calming backdrop with their song. There is the hum of a lawn mower in the distance and a breeze gently rustles the curtains in my office. The weather has warmed up the Kent countryside and it feels like summer.

Today I am working my way through the photographs I took on a walk at the weekend.

1S5A4494The weekend walk was on a route that I haven’t taken in a long time and it serves as a reminder to me to change my routine regularly. This gives me a fresh perspective and helps me to see my environment in a new way. In one of the Sunday newspapers there is an article about how the over 50s can improve their lifestyle and enhance their chances of living to a ripe old age. One point was that it is important to have a routine. Personally, I like to shake things up a bit as this enables me to see things anew. For example, it is so easy to take the same walk every day or every week and then you become blinkered to the world around you.  It is easy to stop seeing the beauty in the everyday.  Having lived in Kent for over 20 years it is so easy to miss the beauty of the countryside; the rolling hills; the buttercups in the field; the shape of a hill and its relationship to the world around it. How easy it is to miss the changing seasons. Oh to go back and stand in that field and feel the breeze on my skin and see the young wheat moving with the wind and the rolling Downs in the distance. This is a very green and pleasant land. It is the garden of England and I feel privileged to live here.

As a photographer I am torn between using my camera to document the world around me and my desire to be an artist. Sometimes I combine the two. Currently, I feel there is a more pressing need to document the Kent countryside in the way I do when I go to France as a travel photographer. Pretending that I am new in the area I stand and look around with fresh eyes. I want to show the world how beautiful Kent is and to question the folly of the government to concrete over this placid landscape.

Liz Garnett –

Instagram: @lizgarnett_art / @lizgarnett_travel

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