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What a fun packed morning we had this Thursday thanks to our guest, Joanna Wady who has spent the last 20 years as a personal development coach. There was a serious side to all the frivolity and fun and Joanna commented on the good energy Deborah, Gwen and Liz brought to the show.

In discussing therapy and in particular Theta healing the girls decided that Joanna is the fairy godmother sitting on one shoulder while the Devil sits on the other. Through Theta healing Joanna can bring a turnaround in just one appointment with this grounding form of therapy. Combining talking with a meditative state to clear the body of past negative energy Joanna says that she is humbled by the effect this treatment can have on her clients.

Joanna’s visit was inspiring as different approaches to healing were discussed and the success of each one. She talked of how some people wish to remain in a place of known misery rather than unknown joy and how those of us who want to turn our lives around can do through choosing the right therapy.

Dave recounted his experience of Reiki healing when he was in a youth football team and how amazed he was that Reiki generated so much heat on his injured knee despite there being no hands on healing. Learning that Reiki can also be performed at a distance (many miles away) lead to Joanna telling us how she treats a number of clients via Skype.

We learnt of the secret of living a long life as Joanna told us the trick was to build rituals into our daily routine and bring joy into our lives. We should all be thinking of ourselves as worthy. With all Joanna’s advice the girls could still be doing Girls do Coffee in 50 years’ time!

Joanna is based in Maidstone, Kent, England but works worldwide thanks to the wonders of modern technology. If you would like to get in contact with her you can find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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