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peter dunne

Another Thursday morning, and for the Girls do Coffee presenters another drama to be dissected; be it reading the news about Trump, Brexit or even today’s guest Peter Dunne.

From what the team could ascertain beforehand our guest was part of the giant entertainment empire that creates the screen jewels such as Wallace & Gromit, American Beauty and Indiana Jones as well as the WW2 drama Resistance and Coraline to name but a few.

Time stops for no man and our Peter couldn’t escape the vagaries of how it affects you as it skims relentlessly past. It may leave wisdom, scars, pain and joy in its wake. Luckily for the reading public Peter turned his experience of becoming aware of Father Time’s incessant ticking clock when he turned 50 to write his book. ‘The 50 Things’ comprises a collection of inspired thoughts the author wanted to share with his children and luckily for us the public too.

Inside the chapters entitled Heroes, Love, Gossip to name merely three of the fifty subjects Peter covered, we gained an inkling into his family, working life and interests. You can’t find this out on his Linkedin page. I tried and still managed to confuse him with another public figure of the same name. Luckily for us our generous hearted Peter was able to recount a couple of funny anecdotes regarding his namesakes. My mistake’s silver lining.

peter dunne 2Squeezing a tale, in between the giggles and music before lunch, Deborah, Liz and I continued to throw questions. Locked in their comfort zones, our listening audience would also have asked about a life in Hollywood, The Princes Trust even Groucho’s Club. What does a Producer actually do? The day job criss-crossing the oceans to sit at giant boardroom tables, organise the publicity, embracing the shoulders of the stars of the screen as well as rushing to catch the last flight conjured a world far removed from the daily trek to a brocante  or sheep field. However, Peter also mentioned how invigorating it is to take his collection of dogs for a walk in humid Herefordshire even when dealing with the large productions for either the forthcoming Spielberg or Katzenberg cinema releases.

We wanted to be a able to feel the warmth from the starry footlights and smell the popcorn which our guest could share from firsthand experience. All of it straight from the PRODUCER’S mouth and there wasn’t a couch in sight!

So for another day we know we can look forward to a ‘Tom Sharpe meets Agatha Christie’ style bestseller from Peter’s pen. For today however we were all delighted to have spent this Thursday morning with such a lovely character.

Gwen Jenner – www.gwenjenner.com


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