Overdoing It …


Liz Garnett writes … While the weather decides what to do with itself my thoughts have turned to summer and photography and book plans. One of these is to do more photography of the Kent countryside as well as of France. In addition to that, my current lack of fitness needs to be addressed. Some might say that is a priority!

So, last week I decided to bite the bullet and start some serious gym work. I have never set foot in a gym before and have always vowed never to enter one. However, an opportunity arose to try one out and in a bid to embrace new things I went along last Tuesday. Going to the gym for the first time is not like going to a new swimming pool. There are forms to be filled in and questions to be answered.

If only I had come prepared! What should I answer when I was asked what my goals were for fitness? Errrrrrr to get fit??? What I should probably have answered, and what a friend’s brother answered when in the same situation, was not to die in the process.

Forms filled were followed by an introduction to the equipment. Which equipment did I want to use? Weightlifting? You have got to be joking! Treadmill, bike and cross trainer were my preferred options and now that I know that I can tune into my favourite TV programme or watch Youtube I think I will stick with them. Now I can multi-task and do research on Youtube for my next project as well as all those business advice videos that I can’t watch at home because they require my full attention. Now this I can’t do while swimming.

The wonderful thing about these machines is that as well as telling me how fast I am going and how many calories I have consumed (which equates to how many chocolate bars I can eat after my session) it also gives my heart rate. Fantastic! Having enquired about the maximum number of beats per minute I shouldn’t exceed I was left to get on with it. This was amazing and the faster I got my heart pumping the more calories I was burning (read chocolate bars I could eat afterwards!). Then, woops, my heart rate got very close to the maximum it should be working at for my age so I thought it might be a good idea to stop – I was also starting to feel a little faint at this point and had no intention of dying just then.

RIMG0547.JPGSince then I have managed two more sessions in the gym but still have difficulty walking (wobbling) after getting off each piece of equipment. I definitely need a zimmer frame after 20 minutes on the treadmill walking fast and up a steep gradient. There is no way I could accomplish 20 minutes on the cross trainer at present and if I was unwise enough to try I would need more than a zimmer frame for support. Perhaps I should follow the example of my co-hosts, Gwen, Deborah and Dave and get a dog and go for sensible walks en pleine air.

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