Dave found Cilla

stuart 1

This morning Stuart Morriss, The Curator at Misty Moon Film Club brightened a wet morning for us at Girls do Coffee with his tales of the screen or perhaps I should say Scream!

As the founder, with his wife, the beautiful Jen, of an entertainment society our ears were plugged into the headsets listening to a multitude of stories taking us back to the TV and cinema of old as well as the very new and yet to be shot.

We all remember ‘Please Sir’, ‘Tales of the Unexpected’, ‘The Carry On’ genre not to mention the classic ‘Hammer House of Horror’ films. The actors such as Fenella Fielding and Stephen Greif who starred in some of these classics are still treading the boards, sharing their skills and stories with audiences. You can see the club members either on tour around the country or at the Phoenix Artists Club, in what was once Laurence Olivier’s dressing room, in London’s West End.

stuart 2

We were given anecdotes about directors, the ‘Frankula’ and upcoming ‘Frankie Abbott Bad Friday ‘, films. Snippets on the names that are familiar to us, Dudley Sutton, David Barry, Vera Day and Robin Askwith popped up. People from across the Mediterranean were also listening in as Stuart explained how some of the other memorable thespians such as Linda Regan from ‘Hi de Hi’, Adrienne King from ‘Friday 13th’ fame, ‘George & Mildred’s’, Brian Murphy plus one of the current Eastenders’ characters Sylvie Carter’s, Linda Marlowe take part in events and productions.

The behind the scenes life can be as intriguing as the performance.

Now how did we come to Dave found Cilla? Well Stuart requested the record ‘La La La Lu’, sung by Cilla Black to be played by Dave Hailwood this morning. After digging out the song we were instantly brought back to ‘Please Sir’, from TV and cinema. Nothing like a nostalgic trip to warm you up on a very fresh spring morning.

The ‘reunion’ evenings as well as ticket booking for shows and festivals can be found at:  www.mistymoonfilmsociety.com  and Facebook: misty moon film society .

stuart 3

You can now hear a recording of the show online.

Gwen Jenner – www.gwenjenner.com


Instagram: @gwen_jenner

Twitter: @gwenjenner

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