Softly softly goes the slipper


Gwen Jenner writes … Out here ‘en France profonde’ you come across quips along the lines of parisian=tête du chien, limousin=vrai ovin, perpignan=goût de flan – perhaps??!!! Hmm, made the last two up. These sharp little giggles pop up from time to time during chats with the locals.

However, the ether-borne conversations with the multitude of people regarding guest broadcasts for our Girls do Coffee show on are quite different. They range from ‘Super, I’d love to’ to ‘Arrgh, no, no, can’t think of anything more scary’ as well as encountering those who imagine conducting an interview having parked on the hard shoulder would suffice! It certainly takes all sorts.

On air with Liz Garnett and Deborah Alexander during Dave Hailwood’s morning programme brings a world of places and conversations that could have been  been experienced in a dream. What a scream.

No wonder the nights are sleepless. Tootling off to my bed I find myself stirring inevitably at around 3.35am in one of those Theta wave brain wave moments. Half awake I trawl through a myriad of propositions for paintings, classes, disagreements, letters and of course that radio programme.

Mulling over exhibitions, interviews, tomorrow’s dinner, deliberating over who our listeners might want to hear about forms a loop ready for what is often referred to as the Gamma wave.

That insightful lightbulb moment for brilliant, elusive ideas to float into.

gwen-blog-2-5The daytime online reality often offers a surprise repartee. The morning presentation emerges, emitted via the personal hotspot where someone from one of those far away places in space and time, passion and experience talks to us and you the listeners, personally! Directly! Live through the ether at however many Hertz.

Those programme minutes that take up part of the 27, 216,000 seconds remaining for 2017, in this cockerel year, are precious. Time ticks by, waking time that is. It being the biggest gift you can give to someone as a finite entity in our western belief system.

Back to the bedroom scene. Akin to driving on the motorway and losing track of the last 5 km whilst cherrypicking ideas the mind continues somersaulting in the dark. Tossing and turning, under the unco-operative duvet, the brain continues cogitating. Eventually I succumb to the soft beckoning pillow inviting me to that elusive land of nod. Having entertained all manner of scenarios and folk, sleep waves its magic wand until the morning alarm. Well those last few hours of the what should by now have been the Delta state whizzed by at great speed. Many of us remember that last dream, just before the alarm goes; the one in which the peculiar story sequence is interrupted by a fire engine siren coming to the rescue in some dramatic situation.

gwen-blog-2-3As my hand reaches for the snooze button (fire engine siren) the door handle is heard to creak. Wide awake now the black nose belonging to a furry companion can almost be heard as it finds its way to the bedside slippers. Slippers gingerly sought by that nose, collected as playful stash, results more often than not in a quick leap from this scribbler’s warm enveloping bed. Yes, tiptoeing in my bare feet the slippers are confiscated again to a sigh of relief that the soles are still intact.

gwen-blog-2-1Awake now it’s back to siphoning  that Theta wave moment from the grey matter as I make the coffee. A case of dredging up a wonderful experience lived in the unrecorded, unaware sleep time. The memory occasionally co-operates with some of the fantastical stories we set in our dreams resulting in queer tales and remarkable passions. What a treat. Why, even the dogs and cats dream when their paws and tails flicker during a sleepy session not to mention the odd little squeal that goes along with it. Do we squeal when dreaming … of course! Now, what was my dream, ah, it’ll probably come back to me when on the motorway.

Gwen Jenner –

Instagram: @gwen_jenner

Twitter: @gwenjenner

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