Sounds from the Coop with Liz Garnett


As this is my first blog for Girls do Coffee I shall start by saying that a year ago, even six months ago, I had no idea that I would be co-hosting a radio show in February 2017. I find myself every Thursday morning teamed up with Deborah and Gwen chatting to guests and supported by Dave Hailwood who has the unenviable task of trying to find gaps in the conversation in which to play music, adverts and the news. Somehow Dave has managed to find three “girls” who have never met but who get on like a house on fire.

The show is broadcast from France and Dave’s technical wizardry brings us all into the studio via skype from our various corners of Europe. This means I can be on the show while keeping my chickens company in the chicken coop while Gwen broadcasts from her bathtub and Deborah from her balcony in the south of France.

I would like to dispute Deborah’s claim in her first blog that we are all sensible before the show gets started. Picture this: the three of us have logged onto Skype and are awaiting the call from Dave. We chat via Skype messaging and then Gwen says something funny and then witty messages pass forward and backwards before we get that call. This has us all giggling in our own little corners of Europe and hopefully goes some way towards explaining why I have straw in my hair: it was suggested in one of these pre show message chats that I might resemble the wife of Worzel Gummidge.

Last week we interviewed Jamie Fulton of Camping La Vie En Rose. As this is all live we did have a moment of panic as to whether Skype would actually connect us with him.  Dave left us to man the programme while he tried to contact Jamie off air. Luckily contact was made and the programme ran as smoothly as usual after that. I say luckily because at that point we were really “winging it” and who knows what course the show could have taken if Dave had left us for much longer.  Jamie has left me thinking of summer holidays and how I should really get around to organising mine and wouldn’t it be nice to stay in the luxury of Jamie’s wonderful campsite this year.


When the show is over we have a brief post show chat and then get on with our other work: Deborah on her yacht writing her latest book; Gwen tackling the logistics of painting her latest canvas while in the bath; and me being guided by my chickens on what to hang in my next exhibition or with keywording my travel images.

Liz Garnett –

Instagram: @lizgarnett_art / @lizgarnett_travel

Twitter: @lizgarnett / @travelphotouk

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