An Insight from Deborah Alexander

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So here I am sitting on my balcony in the South of France, writing my blog for Girls Do Coffee. Sounds great, eh? Actually, what you can’t see is that the clouds are beginning to build up behind me and it’s colder than I anticipated. Just wanted to convey that South of France ambience. But it is still Winter, after all.  Better get inside before the neighbours think I’m completely mad. They already think I’m half mad and setting up this photo has just confirmed it.

I just thought I would let you, the listeners, in on some real behind-the-scenes action about how the Girls Do Coffee team work.

Of course, with the magic of the internet and the imagination of our listeners, we are all sat round the table with our coffee and a plate of bourbon biscuits. In reality, of course, I’m sat at my kitchen table in Le Boulou and Gwen is turning wrinkly in her bubble bath up in Limoges. While over in Ashford, Liz, well, we suspect that Liz has set up a studio in the chicken shed but we’re not sure.

So now for another shocking piece of inside information…the Girls Do Coffee get together (over the airwaves) to plan the show in advance. Yes, really! I know, I know….anyone who’s listened to one of our meandering conversations is rolling around laughing in disbelief, but it’s true!

First, we organise our guest interviews. Our guests are calling in from across Europe and they bring with them a wide range of experiences that they are happy to talk about and that we are privileged to share. Then we do our research…reading up on their book or their business or their television programme. After that, we talk between us about which questions we would like to ask to elicit the most informative and interesting answers from our guests. Rachel Salisbury, the Private Chef and her tales of putting together canapés whilst stuck in a lift. And Richard Ashworth, too, from Imperial Feng Shui. Who would have guessed that Trump was a dog and Putin a snake?

So, if this is all I’m telling you about our preparation is true, you’re probably asking, what on earth happens when you go on air? Good question. Picture it. It’s 11 o’clock on a Thursday morning and there we all are, sat before our laptops, questions in hand, as sensible as can be. Then we go live. And it’s as if we’ve stepped onto a rollercoaster ride that dips and whoops in every direction possible (even Dave Hailwood has been known to turn pale).

Of course the questions get asked! But we’re three strong-minded women with active imaginations and before you know it, the conversation can take, shall we say, a very interesting turn. Add into the mix one of Dave’s dodgy jokes and it’s almostdeborah alexander boats.jpg enough to make a grown man cry. Better not say too much, I suppose, just in case this week’s guest is listening. Wouldn’t want to put them off, would we?

What’s that? Oh. OK. That was Dave on the blower. He says that’s quite enough of my insights for one week. Oh well. Better get back to work, I suppose. I’ll just call the chauffeur to run me down to the yacht where I can work in peace. I see you’re not falling for that one. Best just put the kettle on, then. See you soon.

Deborah Alexander –

Instagram: @alexander_deborah

Twitter: @ReflectiveDeb

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