Our First Blog Post by Gwen Jenner


Don’t ask me how it happened, I just know that one day I was on air.

The summer exhibition of my paintings in a french Romanesque church had just finished and a new one was beginning in an Italian restaurant. Usually spending days in my studio quietly daubing the canvas, mixing colours, standing back from time to time to look at the composition, a morning chatting to the wider world about the work plus a variety of smile-inducing subjects to tickle the daily routine.girl do coffee gwen 2.jpg

The themes covered in my canvases are usually natural subjects ranging from birds, portraits, elysian vistas and client’s domestic pets. The ink drawings are more humorous, perhaps a little more surreal and as with all good things essentially time consuming.

The thinking process is non-stop. Whether it be a mural, planning and executing it or a stylistic image to commission, the brain is continually assessing the choices whilst remaining open to unexpected and surprising ideas, changes and expectations. You can imagine that at the end of a period of work when the piece is being collected by the client it either feels akin to saying a tender ’adieu’ to an old friend or stiff ‘goodbye’ to a difficult relative! The clients too, have shown a wide range of reactions when presented with the envisagement of their order. It is quite a heart stirring experience on both sides.

The whole gamut of emotions goes along with the process from the exciting days of streaming ideas to the almost jaded moments when I let the frustrating picture rest for a time and return to it with new eyes and invigoration. Sometimes the work can’t be finished quickly enough to indulge the enthusiasm. So this is what an artist does and now this one’s imagination has been stirred even more.

Yes the girls-do-coffee-gweninteraction with a wide range of characters, our guests, as one of the presenters of the morning chat show is an unexpected invigoration and pleasure. The world seems to be so easily accessible and is yet still able to produce the wonderful unforeseen variety of aspects, secrets and peculiarities belonging to people’s lives; our guests. Being honoured to work with the other two presenters each week presents a different ‘flying by the seat of our pants’ moment for a couple of hours. We are all curious and whilst we may either subconsciously identify with others or become aware that they are a cup of tea we wouldn’t have ordered, hey, this is what makes every day special.

Now for the bath. Feeling like either Cleopatra or a Rossettiesque Essex girl, prone, submerged in the warm water is a humid heaven. You can join me between the splashes for a morning of entertaining dialogue or as the Victorians would have described it (verbal) intercourse with the other two delectable ladies Deborah Alexander and Liz Garnett introduced by Dave Hailwood every Thursday morning…

Gwen Jenner – www.gwenjenner.com


Instagram: @gwen_jenner

Twitter: @gwenjenner



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